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I've been closely tracking the load times for these Defold Tutorials, and for many readers, the load time is becoming unacceptable (in some cases almost 15-20 seconds). Since launch, I've been using Wordpress as a CMS for this website, primarily because it's very easy to use. But, unfortunately, WordPress is resulting in a large overhead on this site...and the slow speed reflects that.Therefore, I'm now in the process of converting over to HTML. I've just completed the trial tutorial....and will be converting all these tutorials over the coming weeks.My apologies for the current slow time -- I hope you'll see a positive difference shortly....let me know if this helps!All the best, Dave

Introductory Game Tutorials

These tutorials illustrate several common features of the Defold Game Engine, to include: (a) Image Procedures, (b) Dragging and Dropping Game Objects, (c) various Game Object Movement Techniques, (d) Preliminary use of 2d Physics based Collisions, (e) Graphic User Interface (GUI), and (f) an introduction to Defold Levels, Messaging and Menu Development.

Defold Game Tutorials

Applying the techniques described in the Intro Section, build instructions for several simple games are provided, to include: (a) a simple Defold Game Template which incorporates animated splash screens and a menu linked to distinct game levels, (b) two simple games: CoinDrop and Balloon Pop, and (c) the framework for a preliminary Tower Defense game.

Active TactxStudios Projects

The initial project for TactxStudios is a pocket wargame: Red October -- focused on the Eastern Front during World War II - focusing on: (a) conforming with industry-standard game setup, duration of play and game mechanics, (b) integrating both heuristic and state-machine related optimization routines to provide solitaire play, and (c) incorporating high resolution graphics.

TactxStudios has selected Defold as our game engine of choice.

Welcome to this new TactxStudios website; I am an Indie Developer startup focused on the design, development and cross-platform distribution of desktop (Windows and Mac), HTML5 and Android and iPad based pocket games. My objective with this website is to provide a venue where I can share my experiences in assessing the features of a leading 2D game engine -- Defold Version 2 -- and in the process provide the reader with a set of tutorials which describe how to build browser and tablet based games.


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