Defold Game Projects

March 3, 2018

A – New Enhanced Defold Game Template

Project Summary: Over the past few weeks, I’ve been focused on compiling an improved Game Template — one that incorporates many of the major features you’ll find within a ‘standard’ game.  I included a very basic template within the Introductory Defold Tutorial, however, it was extremely limited.   At this point, I’d like to include within a template many of the animation and GUI elements addressed within the introductory tutorials – as well as a few new features to serve as a starting point for future Defold Game Projects.  This revised template includes stubs for each of the major game components you’d expect within a Mobile Game Application – to include: (a) Animated Designer and Game Logos, (b) Animated Graphic User Interface […]
May 8, 2018

B – Balloon Pop! — Defold Game Tutorial

Project Summary:   I’ve been really looking forward to putting this game tutorial together.   My grandchildren just love to play these simple games where you see how many balloons you can pop before too many of those balloons escape.   The catch, of course, is that the balloons start to come faster and faster, the more you pop.   So…I thought this would be a great introductory game to highlight use of the Defold engine within a ‘real’ game (well, close to a real game).   I’ll be demonstrating the use of several key features, to include: (a) use of multiple Atlases, (b) use of several Lua Modules, such as timer, hash_utils and animationFunctions, (c) many lessons learned in using multiple collections to represent […]
September 28, 2018

C – CoinDrop! – Defold Game Tutorial

Project Summary:  For this next tutorial, I thought it would be interesting to develop a game similar to the Totem Destroyer series of games that remain popular on mobile devices.  I’ve called it CoinDrop! In this variant, a coin is placed on top of a stack of wooden and stone blocks – and the player must remove each of the wooden blocks without letting the coin hit the ground.   This is simple in some cases, a bit more challenging in others!!  For the tutorial, I’m highlighting several features of the Defold Game Engine: (a) all elements of the game are included in a single collection, with a set of data tables used for generating game objects unique to each game […]
October 16, 2018

D – IceJump! – Defold Game Tutorial (WIP)

Project Summary (Tutorial Being Written):  Everyone seems to get a kick out of playing the Stack (and Stack Jump) type of game apps….thought that might serve as a framework for this next tutorial.  This time, I’ve named the project IceJump! and the goal is to see how many ice blocks you can get the penguin to jump onto before it’s knocked off the stack.   Additionally, to add some enhanced playability, the sequence of ice blocks comes from randomly selected sides of the game board, at increasing speeds as the ice stack grows higher.  The use of a kinematic game object for the penguin is probably the key Defold feature being highlighted in this tutorial — this approach provides much greater control […]